Hell and HI Water

by Torrentiiial

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Focused 03:47
(Hook) Got my finger on the trigger All I gotta say is go I been plotting on a mill For a walk thru That's sum you don't know Oh you know my team shine Chain, grills, rings, rocks Aim and shootin for the kill Indie or the deal, either way it's locked Homie you ain't worth the time Me I'm worth my weight in gold Trying to double up skip the double cup, stay away from movin slow All work no play, I can sleep when I'm rich In between 100 shows Rockin every coast, fuckin every bitch (Verse 1) I can see you niggas fallin behind Too busy flexin online DM hoppin, plotting hoes all the time got you forgetting the grind I been Way too focused to be worried bout dimes I'm tryna cop more at a time I just work and hustle cause I take care of mines So get on your grind I'm tryna cop the Bentley, get ghost You all up in the cut with niggas you don't know Cause you think bein seen is better the bein known You think you finna blow, but nigga you in a hole Bein on top is inevitable You either in the whip or in the way and I'm on a roll Yeah -- pick your poison, pick your flow I'm on the track, just tell me when to go (Hook) (Verse 2) Back on road, i stay OT (yeah) I do the most you stay OD (whoa) Brick by brick, you broke fi broke (oh no) I get in free you need ID (yeah) I put on for my city like jeezy do And I stay westside cause I'm bleedin blue And you don't wanna know what this Nina do Fo ya shit turn soak in those daisy dukes (Hook)
(Verse 1) I hit a lick and then it hit me back, like where it's at Glass house but the curtains black, I fade to that Sweats on with the timbs to match, I'm in the back Hashtag if you feelin that, I'll bring it back Them niggas zombie walkin, barred out, slurring they talkin When them oppers hawkin, posted lurkin for niggas pockets I ain't up for frontin, I'm like 40 out of 100 but you niggas nothin, so I ain't here for discussin I'll take it down-town, dirty south, back roads and alleyways Milk that cash-cow, you was on my dick anyway How I sound now? Bow down, no I ain't here to play Been up for 7 days but I ain't feelin weak today Hear the storm comin, better get yo umbrellas Or you should start runnin, For the worst or the better You lookin star studded, I'm Milky Way with the cheddar I'm gettin head from consuela, then I'm bussin like Beretta (Hook x2) Top shelf, big screens, iron chef Range rove, 7 figures, movie roles 1 main bitch, 27 on the side In a tree full of dreams , that's the apple of my eye (Verse 2) With my first check Imma cop a whip Cause it been way too long, bus and uber in this bitch I might sign a deal if I can bring my niggas with But if I can't then maaaan fuck that freshman list Imma be bottle poppin, non-alcoholi(don't self incriminate) White or chocolate, I take em both I don't discriminate Mix em together, make caramel, I might call you janaye You don't like me? (Ah choo)(bless you I'm allergic to hate I wanna wear 400 chains and be boujè as fuck And big ass fuckin diamonds to link up my cuffs And one baddie in VIP to fill up my cup Then surf home to Kahala and if that ain't enough I want a boat, and 100 alligators to fill up my Moat And a helicopter just so I can do the most And a button so when I push it I turn to ghost Turn up on foreign coasts (Hook x2) (Verse 3: Sire) I need a main one, and 27 side hoes You need the hoes when there's fire, sire a pyro And all them hoes wearin nothin besides some white gold Tell em wait by the jet, cause traffic drive me psycho Bitch I want it all, I want it all I want it all and nothing less hoe Yeah I want it all, I want it all Top shelf I want the best hoe And if I'm whipping Lamborghinis, suicidal doors Mansion for my family, fuck sleeping on the floor I been there, done it all and now I'm only moving forward I don't hear em when they call, their name I don't even store It's simple, they ain't really with me if they shaded me at all Return of the kings crowns, and fuck the current law Me and my g hold it down, they wait on the downfall They waitin forever, let em wait they never gonna ball My technique is never stall, been racing against the clock Since way before sire season, before the slugs in my jaw Imma get rich or die tryin, they gon have to kill me off You can love it or hate it but Imma shine on top
III.O.U. 04:01
(Hook) I don't owe you a god damn thing I paved my own damn lane I made my own damn name I don't owe you a god damn thing Conquered my own damn pain, I ride my own damn wave I don't owe you a god damn thing This brimdog my nigga, this current law my nigga I don't owe you a god damn thing Now move along, you in my god damn way (Verse 1) My nigga all I do is bad shit I got these bitches trippin, now they doin backflips I got the island itchin now they goin bat shit I put the loud in the pack, light it up burn it down I put the aux in the 6, bumpin ridin thru town Torrentiiial all in the mix, DJ holdin it down I'm just playin its me, but we all lovin the sound I put the chains on my neck, took them straight off my feet I'll take the whip from the master and multiply it to fleets I'll take a Mack and a Backwood, and turn it to fleet My alphabet go from k to m, I don't know defeat Wet you up, its payday, double back and it's mayday I slay the giants like David back in his hay day Bend you like beckham does, fuck what you thought it wa Only thing I owe you is these words outta my lungs (Hook) (Verse 2) Nigga I'm sicker than sickle cell, but cleaner than whistles I got the dough if you tryna sell, my wish list is pitiful Kill you quicker than Baghdad, remote controlled missiles Blown to fuckin pieces, ain't nobody gonna miss you This the prequel to apocalyptic You think I'm lyrical? I'm spittin revelations cryptic? I'll go GTA while blowin up like a supernova Down the h-3 with no license in a stolen rover I can punch air and condense it, Take water and rinse it Convince the tooth fairy to stop thieving and be a dentist Give a judge a life sentence, Take a diamond and bent it Slap a tear in the face till he crying relentless I walk on air cause if I step on the ground it'll shake Cause demons heavy on my mind the world can't bear the weight Fighting with the man in the mirror cause He don't know his place But I know he's afraid of me it's written on his face (Hook)
(Hook) Get back, rewind, no I ain't got the time To play, with you, so stay up off my line Get back, rewind, no I ain't got the time To play, with you, so stay up off my line (2x) Get the fuck from out my face Or run everything you got Current Law we run the place Oh don't act like you forgot Niggas Try appropriate You gon end up in a box Take a step back out my space unless you plotting on dis (Verse 1) I go to war like a red tail, High as fuck with my niggas You go to war like Canadians, white flag, no triggers Maui wowie like Moana, trade a tour bus for outriggers I feel like pac when he was with Madonna, oh but my dreams is bigger (oh OH) Me no say -- any lies so I can see -- through your disguise Me can see -- eye to eye So me no comprende -- to all of the lies I feel like goin Odell, with a lil c breezy Catchin record breaking cases, then Beatin all they as EZ I be all about the Gouda, that's why these lyrics so cheEZ But it's all about the family, that's why yo sister tryna come see me I got 700 reasons not to flex on em But Imma do it anyway cuz I just finished pumpin Put the crickets in the oven, throw some acid in a muffin Now you know why -- ERRBODY TRIPPIN AND JUMPIN (Hook) (Verse 2) We been slaves -- for way too long Took off the chains -- then put em right back on My president was black now he look like a robe of monks So hear me when I say -- FUCK DONALD TRUMP I make two cents every second, so my opinion matters I'll hide the body like what happened? Then rap about it like I'm mathers I should be Torrentiiial X, cause I'm with all of my panthas If black lives don't matter, I hope errbody gets cancer But in the meantime we livin Takin in the views from the 7 like we chillin up in heaven Lucky nigga still winnin like he pullin triple 7's yeah And that's all thanks to the reverend (Yeah yeah yeah!) Oh it's comin, are we there yet?, I'm Keith ape with the bape sweat Ape shit on the tape deck, Duct tape ain't a vague threat Day break, we ain't played yet, fake cane on the swing set Face cake and her hair wet, lemme show you what a dime get
(Hook x2) WHO THE FUCK YOU THOUGHT IT WAS I knew I was gon make it before the buzz Fuck yo business plans and plots I don't need a plug! I'm in it to kill it, I don't need ya love, thats what bein jaded does (Verse 1) My first set had me too lit I was nervous, (damn) real shit Is the intro too long? Should I do another song Then The homie told me just spit and kill shit So I took a couple shots, liquid confidence Give it all I got till I saw necropolis Pictured what I want, manifest the grip Then I looked at Sire and said nigga watch this Killed shit, spit harder than asphalt You almost had a heart attack? My fault You don't want your money back? Who charged? Do work, get turnt, nigga that's all One show, got me on a new level wow Next one, Imma need a gold medal now It's begun, spit that crack, speed in your pedal now You on that fake boy shit, Gipetto style What's next, who's up at bat? This zone's for flexin, don't show me ya back Cause I might test it, rappin out the ass That's why u bested Nigga u lookin well rested You been sleep for a minute, time to wake up Adrenaline and head rush, whatchu make of us Current Law muthafucka diamond in the rough Reppin Brimdog till the iron in my blood rust No time for the weak and the fake No time to be smilin at snakes No time to be cryin and whinin You wanna fuck with me? My nigga it's too late (Hook) (Verse 2: cnrboy) Better know who it is, it's the man from the 4 Fuck with me and get ghost I'm doing the most for my bro's, you doing the most for these hoes and we shining like gold I'm about to Gohan, young god, in the belly of the beast Taking off, never had a boss with this shit Don't wanna act hard against my clique My big brother Jim have you 6 feet under, real SHIT Spit that I'll shit, make you wanna kill shit, purge Make me wanna light up my herb Crazy hoes nothing but birds, swerve Still jaded rocking j's (skirt) Recognize the wave, make you wanna surf Young Kelly slate on stage with your girl I never gave a fuck, invested to take the world Finessing till I can't move, till I'm in the dirt like kobain (Verse 3) I'm a hypocrite, but I'm not a Christian My hippocampus don't work, I don't remember my religion All I know is the jeans on me, the g's n homies, the letters in my alphabet soup spell out my decisions I can't think for myself so I let culture do it I see the current law, you say fuck it, I listen to it A mind to speak for myself, I'm missing to it I rap for fame, word to Jon and Jim I'm gonna be purged with the rest of the flock of the foolish I bet now you're asking "who is this spittin this lie detector pass" Cause word to mister elec-yamakuh I am my own polygraph But this isn't the nas-t-O-rrential that you know On this track he's been possessed by the ones you say are next to blow, reppin for the life that's all too familiarly low Is this too real to be on a hype track? Ion' know But what I do, will have yo tiny boxed in little mind blown And that's fosho
(Hook 2x) Lady sapphire When you comin home Girl I need you Need you all alone Lady sapphire Please pick up the phone Girl I need you Need you to come home (Verse 1) When you in one of your moods I can't stand it Your heart is hard to manage Cause it's dark and hard and damaged Anorexic of love, you lookin famished Ain't buy'n what you say, you deal in lies (hmph) But there's a promise tween them thighs But you a blue eyed devil in disguise (hmph) And the hell trip, I'm down for it (go) You a bottle of the sham when the pain come You a bag full of dough when the pay's none You a tucked umbrella when it rain sum You a 2 minute nut, cause yo brain dumb Thought I'd never meet a shawty from the other side Slim waist got me tongue tied Steady runnin thru my mind, and you ain't tired She be rushin to commit, but it take time Last man was a cheat, I ain't that nigga You ain't gotta worry bout that with me I'm the kinda guy to be straight up witcha And straight up, this dick ain't free She so damn fly, strapped in say she ready for this ride Roller coastin, kick push glide Baby you ain't never been this high (Hook 2x) (Verse2) I'd take the zoo witcha I thought I was cool witcha I guess what I knew and what I had thought Was far from the truth witcha Now I'm feelin blue witcha I'm actin brand new witcha Thought I'd never lose witcha But I guess I was wrong (go) Let's take it back to the first days, Before skies turned earl grey Before I rained on my own parade But it's me, what'd you expect Grass was green, you looked great in blue Every flower you sniffed had forever bloomed But you pulled me out the ground, turned my life around And told me I belonged to you Now shit don't feel the same Sometimes I can't even say your name Tunnel vision to the money got my mind changed You wasn't with the move, so I switched lanes M.O.B that's the mindset 96, Law and my set Put yours on me that's a safe bet Cause you ain't seen nun yet (Hook 2x) (Koins verse) Lady sapphire, are you all alone (Call me on the phone) Campfire, telling stories (Nobody needs to know) Backwood lit, greatest story ever told She's too lit, she don't remember that she called She doing what she doing, no point in telling her anything What she doing is out the regular, her dilemma's consist in secular -- pastimes Last time was the last time, please don't make me ask why, we've been through this in our past lives Wrapped up in my thoughts, I'm a pharaoh in this tomb Trapped inside this box, yeah I'm breaking out the womb Reborn again in this foreign skin, still I need you, like fiends do When the substances imported in, I feign you, Between you and I, I dreamed you (Hook 2x)
Diiistracted 03:38
Rich city ghxst beat (Verse 1) Here we are again inside this empty room Nothin left to break, even we got wounds Forward steps we made were just backward moves Second guess but first impressions seal the tomb I got your -- heart in my -- hand and if you want it all you gotta do is ask for it You got me -- wrapped around -- all your fingers and you beggin me to just dance for it But I got other plans -- and I got other bitches And you got other mans -- that's why we always switchin I don't think we can -- love each other really But if you do baby all you gotta do is ask for it Cause I don't -- know what -- you think you got into But I -- can see -- all the -- shit you been thru I won't -- do much to appeal to your mental But I can take you down (Hook) Come here and get -- the feelin that you -- can't get no-o-where else Cause girl I can bet -- yo feelings ain't true -- but you still won't go nowhere else Come here and get -- the feelin that you -- can't get no-o-where else Cause inside your head -- you whisper the truth -- you don't want no-o-O-one else (Verse 2) I got, premonitions of sand shifting, it happen quick Faster than when the haters try to hop on ya dick Same time ya homies plotting up on ya chips The world tricky or treat me like I ain't amount to shit I'm money hungry but bite my hand when I feed myself Want em to love me cause I'm sum foul, call the ref But what happens when they don't recognize skills you possess Thats why I started singing more and rappin less So you appreciate a verse for its truth Not to just hear good music cause shit I pray in this booth I ain't just livin in moments I'm makin haste with my youth Skippin the after party, id rather freestyle on the roof But what is a nigga to do with time he already spent They tellin me "damn nigga you only 18" I say "that's 18 years closer to death" I got time -- but not enough -- I'm on the road but I gotta keep on even if it's tough And I got some bitches -- but they just distractions -- keep the score and feel it out, I gauge it by all they reactions (Hook)
(Hook) Don't blow my high Don't read my mind, you won't see right, I'll tell you nah You feel that sun? I'm drippin gold It feel divine I'm only 1 plus 99, that's on my mind No don't you fight the feelin, no Just be ready and willing yeah Everybody wanna be that nigga (this I know) But when you got it what you do with it (that'll show) (Verse 1) It's gon be a good day, count my blessings Coulda died in my sleep last night, but nigga I ain't stressi I'm on a roll, whatchu know about finessing A entire lifetime, dedicated to pursuit of knowledge Not no organized crime, no no But what about weeeee, sit up And ponder who you wanna be, when you finally grow up But what you think is fine, is really gonna kill you Like complacency and a frozen state of mind I got about a 100 dollar bill and my timbs and sweats on Oh and a dream that I pray is blessed long Polishin my skills like wax on wax off Slangin these tracks like I'm tryna get racks off Imma come thru and break you off like kit Kats Then I don't know you, shark tooth grill grin like riff raff Im a cool nigga, cane walk I limp past If I'm comin better think fast (whoa) Hop on tracks, my flow down pat Should dye my hair red then they gon see a ginger snap My oh me and me oh my I switch my shit up now they callin me soul de la Hit the block, it won't hit back You see my heart, got melanin But it ain't black Conquer rap, I need a plaque I need some kids, to humble me But not too fast Play my role, and roll one up Make sure it's tight, no need to front Just spark it up Have some fun, but not too much I got my goals, yeah they too grand But I got luck But I don't need it I got my foundation Dance for master's daughter, procreation Stand in the light, and live in ya breath Like You only got one left Don't blow my high Don't read my mind, you won't see right I'll tell you nah (Hook) (Verse 2) But I don't need it I got my foundation Dance for master's daughter, procreation Stand in the light, and live in ya breath Like You only got one left Stand in spotlights, give yourself the time Soon enough you'll soak enough to shine I'll give you the plan cause this is mine Pave a path for those I leave behind But, you can only do so much If you ain't willin to do what it takes Everybody want sit at the finish line, but no don't wanna race But sheep don't do what lions do to make it fight the feelin, it's gon feel like fakin Im hot and poppin like you cookin bacon Fuck it what am I sayin
(Hook) Come hell or high water Look at how far we done came up Come hell or high water See they face when you bring my name up Come hell or high water You gotta blow to stoke the flame up Ain't nothin ever gonna stop me Hell or high water couldn't tame us (Verse 1) Bring the truck around I'm on one Nas-T plus two for that threesome Bombay all day with Capri sun It's been live way before we see sun Stay in the cuts like c sections Stay in the guts, that's no flexin Twixed off that henny, too reckless New slaves, new necklace Odell with the rock, real witch with the pot Poison, lil nigga from the block (uh huh) Got a half in the sock, 5 pack of the backwoods I can't fit the whole box Hoes deep in they feelings, I'm deep in my pockets Takin off like Space rockets Now I got the loudest in space, grams to the face Floatin no gravity or time to waste (Hook) (Verse 2) I couldn't tell you what a loss issssss But I can tell you what a win's liiikkkeeee The wind blow in your directiiiiooonnnn So I spread my wings and take fliiiiighhhht Hold the door open when I came iiiinnnnn So all my niggas have this liiiiifffeeee Cause if I'm eatin everybody wiiiiinnnnn Chief Nas-T yeah that's riiiiiighhhttt The moon is shinin, reflecting from me I break a fever, 100 degrees Ain't hit the street and rock dickies with crease I track it out and watch commas increase Ain't nothin to it, just do it and go Too easy peezy, I'm oozin with flow I hate to say it but you gotta know I'm the g reppin 5-0
(Hook 2x) Think I had too much to drank Think I had too much to smoke Think I had too many bitches hittin on my line The fuck did you thought (Verse 1) When I'm up to bat, way way way back of the fence When I make a hit, its *camera flashes* with the pics When I'm outside its *fuck em* to the pigs Mannequin challenge, you niggas ain't movin, I'm flickin the wrist (yeah) I had to get back on my rap shit but, I'm feelin too gritty And witty in fact, I'm seein a half filled cup Of henny I'm betting I could drink it all, they tellin me that's too much, I don't give a fuck, I just wanna ball And eat like I got free lunch, releasing the money and watchin it fall yeah Bad gyal all in my ear Say she wanna be my guardian angel So If I miss her face she don't care Cause she can catch it all with her halo I can't remember the last time I been sober And I ain't even depressed, but my face pressed on my shoulder But I do feel more pressure with everyday I get older And that's prolly why I always got intoxicated odors (Hook 2x) (Verse 2) You party to forget your problems, that's why you here But when you leave, they still gon be there You hidin in plain sight, with all of your peers You call out of work, but wonderin why bills appear Your demons, they followed you in, you know? Even when I'm on the road, I'm doin the most to outrun these ghosts But you can't run forever my nigga, just take it from me and the most But I ain't like the way the tables set, so I became the host I been steady sippin, been the early mission no, I ain't gon slow down for shit Smoke till I'm debilitated and slumped on yo bitch I can't even feel my dick I just might take back what I said and pour up a four Of that purple actavis I made some bad choices, I might add that to the list I hide in my pain, that's what I mean when I say "in the cut I'll drink till I'm happy, but there ain't no big enough cup I'm starin hell in the face but I'm lookin up So to me it don't mean shit when you say you stuck (Hook) I think I had to much to drink I think I had too much to smoke I think I smiled too many times to cover the pain But fuck what you thought
(Hook 2x) Yeah I'm gon need all of this here -- for life Texas hold 'em stacking chips -- all night It don't even matter if I live -- or die Cause all my niggas down to ride so it's alright (Verse 1) Close the door cuz four lokin Four loko bitches no jokin They blowin trees but not smokin Deep in they throat but no chokin (AGH) They rippin of they shirts like hulk hogan She stay off that wonka gold token She shake it so damn fast her hips broken Then bring it right back up I ain't jokin (agh) I play this game like Its nothin You play with Monopoly money I'm counting bread in hunnids like "One slice, two slice, he's nice, run it" I secured the bag like Khaled said Another one, then I ran back thru again I stay sick like a bad back or flu in the head But cold seasons over now get outta bed (Hook 2x) (Verse 2: Tailz) I need it like the air I breathe In the foreign doing Mach speeds 200 down the autobahn with a bad thing that come from overseas She don't talk, but her actions speak Can do a lot of things from the passenger seat Could you imagine, hit the gas pedal When I'm climaxing like skrrt Life or death pick your poison, till these haters get rigor Mortis Know niggas on they second strike, that'll do anything so they turn informant Stick to the code, mama said boy you broke the mold From Vegas so I never fold, but I love Dallas so I Texas hold Slim thick she ain't knowing, I'm on that body like lotion New charm, I call it ocean, My neck a yacht I'm not jokin She drop it low, cause commotion, hunnids all around floatin 20's on the ground, floor money, find less in my stack man it's your money At the top I'm still climbing, dig real deep you'll find a diamond Audemar or the Rolex, what I call perfect timing I said I'm at the top and still climbing, dig real deep you'll find a diamond Audemar or the Rolex, what I call perfect timing (Hook) (Verse 3) I blaze a trail while I'm blazin Now i need a whole entire gang of bitches Some white, some Brown, and some Asian Cause I need a little persuading To stop killin shows with my woadies To stop gettin live with my Brodie's I'm goin hammer than you candy rap niggas Just call me MC rennin from the police I needa know, if I got the loud and it's lit Then why I feel like I ain't shit It must be the lack of xannys and a pint of the lean I might pour a four to chase down all these bricks Nah I'm only playin But don't take it light I constantly battle my demons with fear of the dark, but I'm stompin them niggas all night
All I Love 04:40
(Verse 1) I'm tired of panic and shutting off my phone And as of now all I got is homies and bitches callin So what's gon happen when Charlemagne Won't stop asking for an interview so he can catch me slipping while he press record How I'm gon enjoy comin up when I'm fixed on the fall I'm on the cusp of my summer dressin for winter ball How I'm go resist the urge to take the camera man's recorder and go cousins on it, till it can't record no more Word to earl, I don't like shit, I don't go outside That's why these lights and this glamour glarin a nigga blind That's why I don't be in the club, I chill with homies and if we happen to go to a show then maybe that be fine But nah, I chose to grab the mic and spill my shit It got me wishin now that God didn't gift me to spit My place in life got me thinking if I get bigger, I'll Ruin it all myself by pussin out, either that or I quit (Hook) While you stand there lookin at me Like I ain't got anything good inside But when you look deeper, deeper, deeper, deeper Then you'll know the surface doesn't lie While you sit there, judge and jury The executioner is safe inside And he's lookin deeper, deeper, deeper, deeper And he knows all secrets and every lie This is all I love (I just gotta get outta my own damn way) This is all I love (Step onto the stage and don't be afraid) This all I love (I owe it to my friends and my family) This is all I love (Step into the light, it'll be okay) This is all I love (I just gotta get outta my own damn way) This is all I love (Step onto the stage and don't be afraid) This all I love (I owe it to my friends and my family) This is all I love (Step into the light, it'll be okay) (Verse 2) When all your eggs in one basket, that's when you hold it tight I hold it hard as this pen when my raps ain't comin right Cause without the music, i ain't shit, but with it still I'm just another nigga lookin for his 15 seconds right? But fuck the seconds of fame, I want my 40 acres My pathway to surrender got booby traps and lasers And when I say that I don't mean the pressure panels flippin switches I mean I'll intentioned broads like im watchin brazzers But on some real shit, if I ain't rappin, I'm lost The yellow brick roads really gold, and now I see the cost Of stepping all over this precious metal thinkin I'm goin to meet the wizard but the curtains holds an industry boss I should be mad at myself for expecting something else But this is all I love, I don't want nothin else So Imma swallow my pride and take this L Cause Torrentiiia don't mean shit unless his records sell




released February 15, 2017

Written and performed by Torrentiiial
Producers listed by track:
1. Dez Wright
2. Penacho
3. StunnahSez
4. Penacho
8. Canis Major
9. SB95
10. King Corn
11. Dez Wright
12. Dez Wright
Executive Producer: G. Matthew Brewster
Co Executive Producer: Noah Laakea Kaululaau
This album was tracked, mixed, and mastered by
G. Matthew Brewster at the Brim Dog Records studio in Honolulu, Hawaii.
© Brim Dog Records and The Current Law, 2017. All Rights Reserved.


all rights reserved



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