from Hell and HI Water by Torrentiiial



Rich city ghxst beat

(Verse 1)
Here we are again inside this empty room
Nothin left to break, even we got wounds
Forward steps we made were just backward moves
Second guess but first impressions seal the tomb

I got your -- heart in my -- hand and if you want it all you gotta do is ask for it
You got me -- wrapped around -- all your fingers and you beggin me to just dance for it

But I got other plans -- and I got other bitches
And you got other mans -- that's why we always switchin
I don't think we can -- love each other really
But if you do baby all you gotta do is ask for it

Cause I don't -- know what -- you think you got into
But I -- can see -- all the -- shit you been thru
I won't -- do much to appeal to your mental
But I can take you down

Come here and get -- the feelin that you -- can't get no-o-where else
Cause girl I can bet -- yo feelings ain't true -- but you still won't go nowhere else
Come here and get -- the feelin that you -- can't get no-o-where else
Cause inside your head -- you whisper the truth -- you don't want no-o-O-one else

(Verse 2)
I got, premonitions of sand shifting, it happen quick
Faster than when the haters try to hop on ya dick
Same time ya homies plotting up on ya chips
The world tricky or treat me like I ain't amount to shit

I'm money hungry but bite my hand when I feed myself
Want em to love me cause I'm sum foul, call the ref
But what happens when they don't recognize skills you possess
Thats why I started singing more and rappin less

So you appreciate a verse for its truth
Not to just hear good music cause shit I pray in this booth
I ain't just livin in moments I'm makin haste with my youth
Skippin the after party, id rather freestyle on the roof

But what is a nigga to do with time he already spent
They tellin me "damn nigga you only 18"
I say "that's 18 years closer to death"

I got time -- but not enough -- I'm on the road but I gotta keep on even if it's tough
And I got some bitches -- but they just distractions -- keep the score and feel it out, I gauge it by all they reactions



from Hell and HI Water, released February 15, 2017
Produced by GHXST


all rights reserved



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