Got my finger on the trigger
All I gotta say is go
I been plotting on a mill
For a walk thru
That's sum you don't know

Oh you know my team shine
Chain, grills, rings, rocks
Aim and shootin for the kill
Indie or the deal, either way it's locked

Homie you ain't worth the time
Me I'm worth my weight in gold
Trying to double up
skip the double cup, stay away from movin slow

All work no play,
I can sleep when I'm rich
In between 100 shows
Rockin every coast, fuckin every bitch

(Verse 1)
I can see you niggas fallin behind
Too busy flexin online
DM hoppin, plotting hoes all the time
got you forgetting the grind

I been Way too focused to be worried bout dimes
I'm tryna cop more at a time
I just work and hustle cause I take care of mines
So get on your grind

I'm tryna cop the Bentley, get ghost
You all up in the cut with niggas you don't know
Cause you think bein seen is better the bein known
You think you finna blow, but nigga you in a hole

Bein on top is inevitable
You either in the whip or in the way and I'm on a roll
Yeah -- pick your poison, pick your flow
I'm on the track, just tell me when to go


(Verse 2)
Back on road, i stay OT (yeah)
I do the most you stay OD (whoa)
Brick by brick, you broke fi broke (oh no)
I get in free you need ID (yeah)

I put on for my city like jeezy do
And I stay westside cause I'm bleedin blue
And you don't wanna know what this Nina do
Fo ya shit turn soak in those daisy dukes



from Hell and HI Water, released February 15, 2017
Produced by Dez Wright


all rights reserved



BDRaudio Honolulu, Hawaii

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