For Liiife feat. Tailz

from Hell and HI Water by Torrentiiial



(Hook 2x)
Yeah I'm gon need all of this here -- for life
Texas hold 'em stacking chips -- all night
It don't even matter if I live -- or die
Cause all my niggas down to ride so it's alright

(Verse 1)
Close the door cuz four lokin
Four loko bitches no jokin
They blowin trees but not smokin
Deep in they throat but no chokin (AGH)

They rippin of they shirts like hulk hogan
She stay off that wonka gold token
She shake it so damn fast her hips broken
Then bring it right back up I ain't jokin (agh)

I play this game like Its nothin
You play with Monopoly money
I'm counting bread in hunnids like
"One slice, two slice, he's nice, run it"

I secured the bag like Khaled said
Another one, then I ran back thru again
I stay sick like a bad back or flu in the head
But cold seasons over now get outta bed

(Hook 2x)

(Verse 2: Tailz)
I need it like the air I breathe
In the foreign doing Mach speeds
200 down the autobahn
with a bad thing that come from overseas

She don't talk, but her actions speak
Can do a lot of things from the passenger seat
Could you imagine, hit the gas pedal
When I'm climaxing like skrrt

Life or death pick your poison, till these haters get rigor Mortis
Know niggas on they second strike, that'll do anything so they turn informant
Stick to the code, mama said boy you broke the mold
From Vegas so I never fold, but I love Dallas so I Texas hold

Slim thick she ain't knowing, I'm on that body like lotion
New charm, I call it ocean, My neck a yacht I'm not jokin
She drop it low, cause commotion, hunnids all around floatin
20's on the ground, floor money, find less in my stack man it's your money

At the top I'm still climbing, dig real deep you'll find a diamond
Audemar or the Rolex, what I call perfect timing
I said I'm at the top and still climbing, dig real deep you'll find a diamond
Audemar or the Rolex, what I call perfect timing


(Verse 3)
I blaze a trail while I'm blazin
Now i need a whole entire gang of bitches
Some white, some Brown, and some Asian
Cause I need a little persuading

To stop killin shows with my woadies
To stop gettin live with my Brodie's
I'm goin hammer than you candy rap niggas
Just call me MC rennin from the police

I needa know, if I got the loud and it's lit
Then why I feel like I ain't shit
It must be the lack of xannys and a pint of the lean
I might pour a four to chase down all these bricks

Nah I'm only playin
But don't take it light
I constantly battle my demons with fear of the dark, but I'm stompin them niggas all night


from Hell and HI Water, released February 15, 2017
Produced by Dez Wright


all rights reserved



BDRaudio Honolulu, Hawaii

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