Get Back (Rewiiind)

from Hell and HI Water by Torrentiiial



Get back, rewind, no I ain't got the time
To play, with you, so stay up off my line
Get back, rewind, no I ain't got the time
To play, with you, so stay up off my line
Get the fuck from out my face
Or run everything you got
Current Law we run the place
Oh don't act like you forgot
Niggas Try appropriate
You gon end up in a box
Take a step back out my space unless you plotting on dis

(Verse 1)
I go to war like a red tail, High as fuck with my niggas
You go to war like Canadians, white flag, no triggers
Maui wowie like Moana, trade a tour bus for outriggers
I feel like pac when he was with Madonna, oh but my dreams is bigger (oh OH)

Me no say -- any lies
so I can see -- through your disguise
Me can see -- eye to eye
So me no comprende -- to all of the lies

I feel like goin Odell, with a lil c breezy
Catchin record breaking cases, then Beatin all they as EZ
I be all about the Gouda, that's why these lyrics so cheEZ
But it's all about the family, that's why yo sister tryna come see me

I got 700 reasons not to flex on em
But Imma do it anyway cuz I just finished pumpin
Put the crickets in the oven, throw some acid in a muffin


(Verse 2)
We been slaves -- for way too long
Took off the chains -- then put em right back on
My president was black now he look like a robe of monks
So hear me when I say -- FUCK DONALD TRUMP

I make two cents every second, so my opinion matters
I'll hide the body like what happened? Then rap about it like I'm mathers
I should be Torrentiiial X, cause I'm with all of my panthas
If black lives don't matter, I hope errbody gets cancer

But in the meantime we livin
Takin in the views from the 7 like we chillin up in heaven
Lucky nigga still winnin like he pullin triple 7's yeah
And that's all thanks to the reverend (Yeah yeah yeah!)

Oh it's comin, are we there yet?, I'm Keith ape with the bape sweat
Ape shit on the tape deck, Duct tape ain't a vague threat
Day break, we ain't played yet, fake cane on the swing set
Face cake and her hair wet, lemme show you what a dime get


from Hell and HI Water, released February 15, 2017
Produced by Penacho


all rights reserved



BDRaudio Honolulu, Hawaii

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