Hell and Hiii Water

from Hell and HI Water by Torrentiiial



Come hell or high water
Look at how far we done came up
Come hell or high water
See they face when you bring my name up

Come hell or high water
You gotta blow to stoke the flame up
Ain't nothin ever gonna stop me
Hell or high water couldn't tame us

(Verse 1)
Bring the truck around I'm on one
Nas-T plus two for that threesome
Bombay all day with Capri sun
It's been live way before we see sun

Stay in the cuts like c sections
Stay in the guts, that's no flexin
Twixed off that henny, too reckless
New slaves, new necklace

Odell with the rock, real witch with the pot
Poison, lil nigga from the block (uh huh)
Got a half in the sock, 5 pack of the backwoods
I can't fit the whole box

Hoes deep in they feelings, I'm deep in my pockets
Takin off like Space rockets
Now I got the loudest in space, grams to the face
Floatin no gravity or time to waste


(Verse 2)
I couldn't tell you what a loss issssss
But I can tell you what a win's liiikkkeeee
The wind blow in your directiiiiooonnnn
So I spread my wings and take fliiiiighhhht

Hold the door open when I came iiiinnnnn
So all my niggas have this liiiiifffeeee
Cause if I'm eatin everybody wiiiiinnnnn
Chief Nas-T yeah that's riiiiiighhhttt

The moon is shinin, reflecting from me
I break a fever, 100 degrees
Ain't hit the street and rock dickies with crease
I track it out and watch commas increase

Ain't nothin to it, just do it and go
Too easy peezy, I'm oozin with flow
I hate to say it but you gotta know
I'm the g reppin 5-0


from Hell and HI Water, released February 15, 2017
Produced by SB95


all rights reserved



BDRaudio Honolulu, Hawaii

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