Lady Sapphiiire feat, Koins

from Hell and HI Water by Torrentiiial



(Hook 2x)
Lady sapphire
When you comin home
Girl I need you
Need you all alone

Lady sapphire
Please pick up the phone
Girl I need you
Need you to come home

(Verse 1)
When you in one of your moods I can't stand it
Your heart is hard to manage
Cause it's dark and hard and damaged
Anorexic of love, you lookin famished

Ain't buy'n what you say, you deal in lies (hmph)
But there's a promise tween them thighs
But you a blue eyed devil in disguise (hmph)
And the hell trip, I'm down for it (go)

You a bottle of the sham when the pain come
You a bag full of dough when the pay's none
You a tucked umbrella when it rain sum
You a 2 minute nut, cause yo brain dumb

Thought I'd never meet a shawty from the other side
Slim waist got me tongue tied
Steady runnin thru my mind, and you ain't tired
She be rushin to commit, but it take time

Last man was a cheat, I ain't that nigga
You ain't gotta worry bout that with me
I'm the kinda guy to be straight up witcha
And straight up, this dick ain't free

She so damn fly,
strapped in say she ready for this ride
Roller coastin, kick push glide
Baby you ain't never been this high

(Hook 2x)

I'd take the zoo witcha
I thought I was cool witcha
I guess what I knew and what I had thought
Was far from the truth witcha

Now I'm feelin blue witcha
I'm actin brand new witcha
Thought I'd never lose witcha
But I guess I was wrong (go)

Let's take it back to the first days,
Before skies turned earl grey
Before I rained on my own parade
But it's me, what'd you expect

Grass was green, you looked great in blue
Every flower you sniffed had forever bloomed
But you pulled me out the ground, turned my life around
And told me I belonged to you

Now shit don't feel the same
Sometimes I can't even say your name
Tunnel vision to the money got my mind changed
You wasn't with the move, so I switched lanes

M.O.B that's the mindset
96, Law and my set
Put yours on me that's a safe bet
Cause you ain't seen nun yet

(Hook 2x)

(Koins verse)

Lady sapphire, are you all alone
(Call me on the phone)
Campfire, telling stories
(Nobody needs to know)
Backwood lit, greatest story ever told
She's too lit, she don't remember that she called

She doing what she doing, no point in telling her anything
What she doing is out the regular, her dilemma's consist in secular -- pastimes
Last time was the last time, please don't make me ask why, we've been through this in our past lives

Wrapped up in my thoughts, I'm a pharaoh in this tomb
Trapped inside this box, yeah I'm breaking out the womb
Reborn again in this foreign skin, still I need you, like fiends do
When the substances imported in, I feign you,
Between you and I, I dreamed you

(Hook 2x)


from Hell and HI Water, released February 15, 2017
Produced by GHXST


all rights reserved



BDRaudio Honolulu, Hawaii

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