Top Shelf feat. Sire

from Hell and HI Water by Torrentiiial



(Verse 1)
I hit a lick and then it hit me back, like where it's at
Glass house but the curtains black, I fade to that
Sweats on with the timbs to match, I'm in the back
Hashtag if you feelin that, I'll bring it back

Them niggas zombie walkin, barred out, slurring they talkin
When them oppers hawkin, posted lurkin for niggas pockets
I ain't up for frontin, I'm like 40 out of 100 but you niggas nothin, so I ain't here for discussin

I'll take it down-town, dirty south, back roads and alleyways
Milk that cash-cow, you was on my dick anyway
How I sound now? Bow down, no I ain't here to play
Been up for 7 days but I ain't feelin weak today

Hear the storm comin, better get yo umbrellas
Or you should start runnin, For the worst or the better
You lookin star studded, I'm Milky Way with the cheddar
I'm gettin head from consuela, then I'm bussin like Beretta

(Hook x2)
Top shelf, big screens, iron chef
Range rove, 7 figures, movie roles
1 main bitch, 27 on the side
In a tree full of dreams , that's the apple of my eye

(Verse 2)
With my first check Imma cop a whip
Cause it been way too long, bus and uber in this bitch
I might sign a deal if I can bring my niggas with
But if I can't then maaaan fuck that freshman list

Imma be bottle poppin, non-alcoholi(don't self incriminate)
White or chocolate, I take em both I don't discriminate
Mix em together, make caramel, I might call you janaye
You don't like me? (Ah choo)(bless you I'm allergic to hate

I wanna wear 400 chains and be boujè as fuck
And big ass fuckin diamonds to link up my cuffs
And one baddie in VIP to fill up my cup
Then surf home to Kahala and if that ain't enough

I want a boat, and 100 alligators to fill up my
And a helicopter just so I can do the most
And a button so when I push it I turn to ghost
Turn up on foreign coasts

(Hook x2)

(Verse 3: Sire)
I need a main one, and 27 side hoes
You need the hoes when there's fire, sire a pyro
And all them hoes wearin nothin besides some white gold
Tell em wait by the jet, cause traffic drive me psycho

Bitch I want it all, I want it all
I want it all and nothing less hoe
Yeah I want it all, I want it all
Top shelf I want the best hoe

And if I'm whipping Lamborghinis, suicidal doors
Mansion for my family, fuck sleeping on the floor
I been there, done it all and now I'm only moving forward
I don't hear em when they call, their name I don't even store

It's simple, they ain't really with me if they shaded me at all
Return of the kings crowns, and fuck the current law
Me and my g hold it down, they wait on the downfall
They waitin forever, let em wait they never gonna ball

My technique is never stall, been racing against the clock
Since way before sire season, before the slugs in my jaw
Imma get rich or die tryin, they gon have to kill me off
You can love it or hate it but Imma shine on top


from Hell and HI Water, released February 15, 2017
Produced by Penacho


all rights reserved



BDRaudio Honolulu, Hawaii

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