What Beiiing Jaded Does feat. cnrboy

from Hell and HI Water by Torrentiiial



(Hook x2)
I knew I was gon make it before the buzz
Fuck yo business plans and plots I don't need a plug!
I'm in it to kill it, I don't need ya love, thats what bein jaded does

(Verse 1)
My first set had me too lit
I was nervous, (damn) real shit
Is the intro too long? Should I do another song
Then The homie told me just spit and kill shit

So I took a couple shots, liquid confidence
Give it all I got till I saw necropolis
Pictured what I want, manifest the grip
Then I looked at Sire and said nigga watch this

Killed shit, spit harder than asphalt
You almost had a heart attack? My fault
You don't want your money back? Who charged?
Do work, get turnt, nigga that's all

One show, got me on a new level wow
Next one, Imma need a gold medal now
It's begun, spit that crack, speed in your pedal now
You on that fake boy shit, Gipetto style

What's next, who's up at bat? This zone's for flexin,
don't show me ya back Cause I might test it,
rappin out the ass That's why u bested
Nigga u lookin well rested

You been sleep for a minute, time to wake up
Adrenaline and head rush, whatchu make of us
Current Law muthafucka diamond in the rough
Reppin Brimdog till the iron in my blood rust

No time for the weak and the fake
No time to be smilin at snakes
No time to be cryin and whinin
You wanna fuck with me? My nigga it's too late


(Verse 2: cnrboy)
Better know who it is, it's the man from the 4
Fuck with me and get ghost
I'm doing the most for my bro's, you doing the most for these hoes and we shining like gold

I'm about to Gohan, young god, in the belly of the beast
Taking off, never had a boss with this shit
Don't wanna act hard against my clique
My big brother Jim have you 6 feet under, real SHIT

Spit that I'll shit, make you wanna kill shit, purge
Make me wanna light up my herb
Crazy hoes nothing but birds, swerve
Still jaded rocking j's (skirt)

Recognize the wave, make you wanna surf
Young Kelly slate on stage with your girl
I never gave a fuck, invested to take the world
Finessing till I can't move, till I'm in the dirt like kobain

(Verse 3)
I'm a hypocrite, but I'm not a Christian
My hippocampus don't work, I don't remember my religion
All I know is the jeans on me, the g's n homies, the letters in my alphabet soup spell out my decisions

I can't think for myself so I let culture do it
I see the current law, you say fuck it, I listen to it
A mind to speak for myself, I'm missing to it
I rap for fame, word to Jon and Jim I'm gonna be purged with the rest of the flock of the foolish

I bet now you're asking "who is this spittin this lie detector pass"
Cause word to mister elec-yamakuh I am my own polygraph

But this isn't the nas-t-O-rrential that you know
On this track he's been possessed by the ones you say are next to blow, reppin for the life that's all too familiarly low
Is this too real to be on a hype track? Ion' know
But what I do, will have yo tiny boxed in little mind blown
And that's fosho


from Hell and HI Water, released February 15, 2017
Produced by GHXST


all rights reserved



BDRaudio Honolulu, Hawaii

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